H M C Wholemeal

Our strongest flour: 100% wholemeal with no additives. Using modern technology Canadian and American wheats are milled to carefully controlled bran particle sizes. This flour will produce high volume bread and wholemeal puff pastry.


Noram® Wholemeal

Specially formulated to meet the needs of the modern baker using no-time dough processes. A unique mixture of North American and European breadmaking wheats milled to the same exacting standards of the H M C Wholemeal.


Unique! A special blend of 100% flaked wholegrains designed to produce Rustic® bread when made with Rustic® Improver. This product is made from wholewheat grains individually flaked to produce a characteristically flavoured loaf.


English Wholemeal

An all purpose flour made from 100% English wheats to a fine bran particle size. Particularly good for biscuits and cakes.



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